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Which Knife Sharpener Is Right For You?

Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to go ahead and just like use that blade sharpener without a care in the world because you know you’ve got the right sharpening system to bring that edge back? I mean because finding the right sharpening kit that’s half the battle because there are so many of them out there that claim to be the fastest the easiest like most foolproof methods available. I mean just because the sharpener works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s automatically gonna work for you. You are not the problem you just haven’t found the right sharpener yet.

Now I’m not an expert sharpener but I’ve tried quite a few and these are my top five.

Number five it’s going to be the Hammond 8-inch now double-sided so 400 grit on this side you flip it over and you got a thousand grit diamond stone with the adjustable holder. I have something just a little bit extra on here and here is the packaging. If you want to pause and read that it’s the wedge act sharpening stone angle guides from 10 all the way up to 39 degrees. They’re just steel plastic and you get about two sets of these so you can put one and either end. And then you can see I’ve already got one attached and then that’s just gonna help you so you start out with your knife right on here and then it’s going to help you to kind of build-up that muscle memory. It’s nice then when you put one on the other side. Here’s what I like about this it requires no electricity so you can take it wherever you need to go. You don’t have to hold this base steady because well first this is pretty heavy it’s got some weight to it and then these under here the holder it’s all rubber so it is gonna hold this in place. This is gonna be great, unlike larger and wider blades I like to keep this around because it’s great for like you know like quick touch-ups on your knife. I mean you can have this setup and ready to go in seconds. There are a couple of things that I don’t like and you know since it’s not electric this is especially if you’re just starting out it’s gonna take you a while to sharpen your blade. Also, it depends on the grit of the stones of course that you’re using you have to make sure you hold this as steady as you possibly can to maintain that proper sharpening angle. There is going to be quite a bit of a learning curve to be able to master this kind of sharpening so it’s not really the right system for beginners.

Number four we’ve got the this is the work sharp knife and tool sharpener now there are two there’s two different work sharp models. Okay, this is the lower-cost one which has you know fewer features and fewer angle settings. The other is going to be it’s the Ken Onion model which sells for quite a bit more but it also it has more features. Angle settings and a bunch of other attachments. Here’s what I like well it is of course electric so it’s going to be the fastest out of all of the kits that I’m going to show you. Today you have two settings with this base model you can either hold the power button on in the on position so that means you have to hold it while you’re sharpening which is what work sharp actually recommends because they say when you’re sharpening that okay you when you’re sharpening you bring you slowly bring the blade through when you get to the tip you’re supposed to let go of the power. So turn it off so you don’t round the tip of your blade but it also has let me show you and then if you push this switch forward you’ve got like continuous always running power. Two different guide angle guides this one is going to be for the this is twenty-degree and right now I’ve got the twenty-five-degree guide. In with this one, you can also sharpen scissors as well and I like that this sharpener can accommodate wider blades if you take off the angle guide. Here I’m going to show you there’s like a little lever here what that does is when you’re able to like rotate yeah this whole section of it and that way you’re able to like sharpen like lawnmower blades even like in an axe. Here’s what I don’t like I feel that this unit it’s kind of expensive considering you know the limited angle settings that you have this tends to scratch blades. I don’t know if you can see here you notice I’ve got like tape on these little sections well that is because I found out the hard way that there’s the so the metal that you’re removing it collects on this guide what that does then is it just rubs all the way down the blade and it scratches it. So now what I do is I’ll put either a piece of tape here or you can even put a piece of tape like on the bevel of the blade you know again if it’s like a better thing and you’re not worried about scratching it then hey whatever but if it’s something nice that you don’t want to get scratched up then, unfortunately, you got to use some tape.

Coming in there number three we’ve got the Spyderco triangle sharp maker and I wanted to first just go ahead and show it to you like all boxed up because look at that. Everything that you need to sharpen your knife is self-contained in this unit. Okay I got it all set up now I want to show you here is what I like about this kit. It is it’s super easy it’s easy to use as long as okay you’re able to hold the blade steady and you want to have it so you want to hold it perpendicular to this base. Look at that I mean it requires obviously no electricity so this is also going to work great for larger knives I mean you can even do serrations even scissors. This does come with it comes with you get your two sets of ceramic cones you get the medium and fine grit if you take okay so you take the base and you flip it over what you do is then you can take those triangle cones and look at that now you can even like you can sharpen freehand. You know just like that this was like this is a bench stone. What don’t I like about this system well again you can only sharpen at either 15 or 20 degrees per side forget trying to sharpen like super Steel’s m390 m4 forget trying to sharpen that stuff with these included stones because it will take you forever unless you know you buy the Spyderco diamond hones and then again you can you know you can buy the different grit triangle stones from Spyderco but you know they cost almost as much as the entire kit itself.

I’ve got the Lansky for stone Deluxe diamond system knife sharpening kit now including this one there are a total of six different kits available here’s what I like about this now this one comes with four different diamond stones that they all vary in grit from extra coarse – to fine. The extra coarse is going to start out that’s at 70 grit then you get the course which is 120 medium which is to 80 and then finally the fine diamond which is 600 so we’ve got there seventeen twenty twenty-five and thirty degrees what’s nice. Each individual home it they each come with their own guide rods so that’s nice because then you can just go ahead and you know to leave them connected what don’t I like well, unfortunately, there’s a few things now these guide rods okay when you first get it these are not going to be attached and not that they’re all that you know all that difficult to put not take put on and off but there you go yeah you just kind of turn that little wing nut there now. I’ve noticed with some of these guide rods they’re not perfectly straight from the factory and you’re really gonna want to make sure that they are because that will affect you know the angle at which you’re sharpening so that’s why I just go ahead and usually leave them connected but unfortunately, if you do that yeah it’s not gonna fit its second obviously it’s not gonna fit in the case this determines obviously your angle but you hear that yes there’s quite a bit of movement going on. So when you’re you’re sharpening you has to make sure that you’re holding you have to kind of this is kind of difficult just because I’m trying to have it facing you and not me but you have to make sure that you hold its steady in the hole because you don’t want it moving around here. So not only do you see that you have to hold the whole system but then you also have to have this guide rod nice and steady now I mean there this does come with let me back that up it doesn’t come with a base but there is one available and yeah it does not come with the base and I think that that’s kind of ridiculous because really you can see the base is pretty much necessary to be able to use this kit properly. Smaller blades are now small like and when I mean smaller I mean like narrow so this one’s pretty wide but so like like a case trapper for example when you trying to sharpen one of those while this is clamped is kind of difficult because you end up hitting making contact with the clamp before you’re actually hitting the edge of the blade. You really want to make sure you have this knife clamped down properly otherwise you’re going to get some movement when you’re sharpening. Now did you notice I have two of these clamps you want to know why because this clamp let me try and show you if you can see this has like rubber little rubber protectors there on the inside so you know the metal doesn’t damage your blade. Great right yeah oh no that’s not this clamp did not come with this set this is the clamp that I got that comes with it standard yeah no no rubber in there so that means you’re gonna either have to you know tape this up yourself or spend a little extra money and get the one with the rubber grips on it.

So what is my number one favorite sharpening system yep it’s gonna be the Kami precision knife sharpening system. Let me go ahead look at this case look at this high-quality beautiful case very nice okay let me go ahead I’m gonna get this set up. Here’s what I like this Kami is easy to use and very easy to maintain a precise angle when you’re sharpening. So once you have selected the angle that you want to use by sliding this deal up and down you go ahead and you feed the rod through and what’s nice is that remember with the now do you remember with the Lansky okay I had to hold this steady guess what this kit yeah there is like there’s no movement going on whatsoever. So if you have the base the only thing that you have to hold on to is your home this comes with you get the four one inch wide diamond hones remember okay remember the Lansky these are a half-inch this one inch you get four of them extra coarse which is 140 grit the course which is 300 to the fine 600 and then the extra fine which is going to be 1500 grit. The angle settings I didn’t mention that tonight so you’ve got you can choose it’s between 17 and 30-degree angles there are also even specialty clamps that are available so you can sharpen like different kinds of blades I had to buy the extra set with the Lansky the clamp because they haven’t lined well the clamp the jaws their line so it’s not going to damage the blade fish and then when you want to go ahead and do the other side, mmm yep you just flip it over just like it’s that easy for gosh sakes they even give you a black sharpie marker so you can you know you can draw on your heads you can make sure that you know the stone is hitting the apex. It’s cutting correctly, unfortunately, there is there are not many but there are a few things that I don’t like. This we’ve already determined this is a great system but at about 200 bucks I just kind of feel like that the base and even you know there’s even a strap for this I almost feel like that those should be included for that much money and this sharpener as it comes it’s not you’re not going to be able to sharpen like a case trapper or like larger blades over six inches in length. You have to buy the aftermarket clamps for that the extra coarse hone on this one okay so the extra course on the Kami is a hundred and forty grit and if you remember the extra course on the Lansky that was 70 grit so you want to talk about a stone that cuts fast that’s 70 grit on the Lansky. If you enjoyed it and you got any value from it let me know by just leaving a comment.

Amazon links to the sharpening systems used in this video:

Homend 8 Inch Double-Sided 400 or 1000 Grit Diamond Stone With Adjustable Holder – $33

Wedgek Sharpening Stone Angle Guides 10 to 39 Degrees 2 Sets – $12

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener – $68

Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker – $60-$75

Lansky 4-Stone Deluxe Diamond System Knife Sharpening Kit – $65-$75

KME Precision Knife Sharpening System – $200

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