Sharpening Service for Knives and Scissors

Here is the list of our sharpening services:

Western Knife Sharpening

(Length calculated based on blade length)
Large (15cm – 30 cm)
Medium (up to 15cm)
Serrated kitchen knives

Japanese Knife Sharpening
Large (15cm – 30 cm)
Medium (up to 15cm)

Ceramic, Pocket, Fishing & Hunting Knives
Western knife prices apply

Gyro-cutter, kebab knife, or Shawarma slicer blades

Small up to 80 mm in diameter
Large up to 140 mm in diameter

Standard & Dressmaking Scissors
(length calculated based on overall length)
Large (24cm and above)
Medium (up to 24cm)
Pinking Shears
Knife Edge Shears

Garden Tools
Pruners and Secateurs
Garden Shears/Hedge Trimmers
Log Splitter
Axes and Hatches

Please call 03 9587 0733 for prices or visit our shop at 177 Como Parade East, Parkdale Vic. We are open Monday to Friday 10 am – 6 pm

Knives and Scissors