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Professional Scissors for Quilters and Crafters


Hello everyone I’m Becky goldsmith with a piece of cake and I have found two scissors that are amazing. I didn’t know I needed them until I found them at the Chi booth at the fall market. These are professional scissors. I had never thought about needing professional scissors but once I held them in my hand I knew yes I did and you do too. What makes them professional the blades are made of high carbon stainless steel what that means is they’ll hold the sharpness much longer than a regular scissor and they will lead to high efficiency in your cutting and I can tell you that that’s true. The other thing is that the blade the steel part of the blade runs all the weight and around through the grip that makes these scissors a little heavier but it also makes them more balanced. The grip itself the plastic part of the grip is made with an elastomer soft plastic. Can you tell I’m reading this any last a more soft plastic and I like it it’s really comfortable and the way it’s cut you can hold the scissors like this which is what I normally do when I’m cutting but I’m about to be changing my grip because what I’m finding is the way this grip is if you get your index finger in front of it it gives you a more balanced grip with the scissor it helps to support the weight and I think it’s going to make me more accurate in my cutting?

I ordered serrated scissors you can get them with smooth blades but for fabric, I think a serrated blade is still going to be the best. Remember to always cut with the serrated blade on the top of your cut. What other thing does it say here oh it has a special interlocking screw mechanism that helps to keep the blades for much longer. I figured this is a long a ten-year or better high-use scissor and you pay for that they are a more expensive scissor on the one hand on the other they are a much longer-lasting scissor. So how does it cut let me show you. Cuts like this it’s beautiful I know you can’t hear it necessarily but it makes such a pretty sound when it cuts shoot it makes it pretty sound just when you do this let’s see. If you can hear it it’s a beautiful scissor so I can cut with great precision really this is a good scissor alright.

What does it replace for me when I’m at home cutting this is going to be my go-to cutting almost everything scissor it is going to replace the other Kai scissor that I use when I’m cutting out shapes which is still an excellent scissor and when I bought this I thought it was the best scissor I could buy and it is unless you jump to the professional scissor and it’s a big jump. So don’t feel bad if you don’t want to go there this is still an excellent scissor it’s also for me in most cases going to replace the hopple scissor although this is still an excellent scissor especially for wool or if you’ve got big fingers still a very nice scissor. What else does it replace it probably is going to replace every other scissor I would use where I want a scissor of this length because this is just a great scissor alright the other scissor that’s buried down here is also a professional scissor.

I also ordered this in a serrated scissor you can get it. With to smooth blades for me what this is going to replace in all likelihood is the small perfect scissor the blade length is very similar they’re both serrated. What this scissor does what it has besides being serrated and still a very nice scissor the grip is squishy which if you’ve got arthritis that might be a real benefit but this scissor with it’s more it’s a comfortable grip but it’s a more solid grip. I find that when I’m cutting with it I have more control over the cut I can feel it more than I can show it it’s nice a lot and it cuts all the way to the end of the cut the blade in both cases. Let me pull in here a little bit more blade is fine comes to a beautiful little tip oh that’s a pretty scissor as well it ought to be for the price that it is. Let me show you here on the close-up this blade is wider but it would be because it’s a longer scissor you know you can’t have too fine a blade with this longest scissor I had it’s just really pretty it feels good in my hand.

Now I wanted to show you both of these scissors cutting on wool here we go and I’m just making cuts and here I thought what I would do is cut a little narrow strip so you can see how it cuts and then I’ll go into some more curvy cut. I like these longer blades for this kind of big cutting because the length of the bottom blade helps to support the fabric when I’m cutting it makes it less tiring to make that cut real pretty. Now the smaller scissor on wool does an equally nice job so these are the Kai Professional Series scissor in a serrated style. So if you are in the market either for a gift for yourself or you want to have someone else buy you a wonderful present this is.

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