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Kai 7250 – 10 Inch Professional Series Shears

Welcome to Kai scissors. I’m DIY designer Jane and today we’re talking about the Kai 10 inch professional shears from the 7000 series line. There are three variations of model 7250. First, we have the standard 7250 10 inch shears next to the 7250 SE 10-inch serrated shears and finally, there are the 70 to 50 SL 10-inch slimline shears. They’re all made of high carbon steel the addition of carbon allows for a steeper cutting angle which gives the blade a finer stronger sharper edge. The standard 7250 10-inch shears have an increase in handle size and blade length over the 70 to 39 and shears compared to the 70 to 50 SL slimline tenon shears. The 1-inch gain is mostly in blade lengths over the 70 to 39 shears giving it a longer cutting edge. The blade is the much thinner top to bottom and makes these shears lighter but with the longer blade the 70 to 50 SE are the same shears as the standard 70 to 50 10-inch shears except the top blade is micro-serrated and provides more control while cutting in the turn. It’s ideal for cutting slippery fabrics we’ll applicate double gauze or any project where grip and control are important. We want you to have the best tools for all of your sewing projects.

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