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Global Knives Demonstration by Mino Tsuchida

Global knives demonstration

Global knives brought to you by master cutlery were first designed in 1985 by Japanese designer Komin Yamada.

Global kitchen knives are made from the finest high carbon stainless steel available for producing professional quality kitchen knives. One of the most unique features of global knives is their smooth contours and seamless stainless steel construction which eliminates food and dirt from trapping in the knives offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene. By filling the hollow handle with just the right amount of sand the knife is light yet perfectly balanced. This allows the user to control the knife with minimum effort.

We ensure that all our knives are produced to the highest standards they are used by chefs in over 120 countries and regions whether they be professionals or amateurs as well. As receiving the prestigious good design award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in Japan Global knives have also been selected as the number one choice by the UK’s largest independent consumer magazine which when they have tested the best knives available to consumers in 1995 2003 and 2011.

In the most recent review by which the g2 cooks knife scored top marks with an impressive 5 stars in all of the five categories sharpness food preparation tests these of youths handle comfort and safety. For over 17 years it has been recognized by the magazine as their best buy product. I would like to introduce you to our global knife. The first main series is recalled G series so we give the number G 1 G 2 G this is a three-piece construction.

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