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Knife SharpeningI sharpen knives including ceramic on an advanced calibrated low-speed wet stone machine to ensure no overheating to maintain blade hardness. This ensures maximum sharpness with minimum loss of material ensuring you get the most return out of your investment in your knives. This method produces a precise edge along the length of the knife. No freehand (by eye), or guesswork when sharpening.


Kai-Professional-ScissorsScissor/shear sharpening is done on the modified low-speed advanced TwiceAsSharp scissor sharpening machine to ensure better results than the original setup. It ensures that the angle will remain the same with no freehand (by eye), or guesswork when sharpening. This machine is suitable for domestic, fabric, and professional scissors for quilters and crafters.






PT50B TesterI use the Edge-On-Up Edge Tester to Test for Sharpness

I’ll tell you how sharp is the edge of your knife before and after sharpening. There are tests like cutting paper or shaving hair that is often used to demonstrate sharpness, and they are helpful to a point, but they lack the precision and standardization required to truly answer the question. However, a precise and standardized testing method is available. It is achieved using the PT50 Series Sharpness Testers from Edge-On-Up to Measure and Quantify.

The PT50 Series of Edge-On-Up Sharpness Testers give the ability to measure and quantify the level of sharpness of any given edge. They work by measuring the force in grams required to cut through a standardized, calibrated medium. A result is a number that can be used to compare the relative sharpness of edges.

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